This is not a diet. This is a health movement geared towards regular people working together to make good health a lifestyle. Our Health WON-TOO is a free service that educates, motivates and ultimately holds people accountable for their health decisions. How it works…

1. Join the Our Health WON-TOO group HERE  (This is a free group text messaging service provided by GroupMe. Your phone number/personal information will not be shared and it is super simple to set up)

2. Post Pictures, videos and captions of your healthy eating and fitness activity to prove you are winning.

Members in the group share cooking tips, fitness advice and most of all, SUPPORT. We all know that CONSISTENCY in making healthy decisions is the hardest task in trying to stay fit. You spend all day on your phone anyways, why not spend an extra 20 seconds at each meal or exercise to not only motivate yourself, but others in your community. If members have not seen any activity from you they will kindly “Call you Out” just to make sure you didn’t fall off. This WON-TOO movement was inspired by WON-TOO members Dawn and Gina. Look for them two in addition to who ever the sit-in WON-TOO admin is for that day. We will have Fitness experts, Nutritionist and regular people always available to help you win at making good health a lifestyle.

Our Health WON-TOO PDF Overview

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